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A Dedicated Family Law Office in Cypress, TX

When family disputes turn ugly, it can be difficult to see the way forward without friction, especially at a time when more and more custody negotiations and divorces are going to court. However, Marilyn D. McGuire, P.C. wants you to know that you don’t always have to battle things out in front of a judge to reach a compromise. Her family law office in Cypress, TX, offers steadfast legal representation, as well as a simpler way to make important decisions: mediation.

The Benefits of Mediation

Going to court isn’t the only way to settle a domestic disagreement. For many families, mediation can be an excellent alternative to long, drawn-out court battles that sap everyone’s time, energy, and money. It’s a way to explore different resolutions to family matters—child custody, divorce agreements, and wills, for example—with guidance from an impartial family attorney.


Marilyn D. McGuire, P.C. offers the benefit of more than 30 years of practice experience. With her guiding you through the mediation process, you can rest assured your voice will be heard, and that your needs will be taken into account. Contact her offices today to learn how you can retain her services as an attorney, whether you require a child custody attorney or mediation services.