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Your Guide to Divorce Law in Cypress, TX

Navigating the end of a relationship can be complex—especially when you and your former partner are legally and financially tied. Marilyn D. McGuire, P.C. is here to help you get a fresh start. She has extensive experience with divorce law in Cypress, TX, and is dedicated to efficiently guiding her clients through the legal separation process.

Whether you hope to resolve matters through divorce mediation or you know you’ll need to go to court, Marilyn will represent and support you every step of the way. Contact her office today to get the legal process started with a consultation.


Experience with a Wide Range of Divorce Cases

As an experienced family lawyer, Marilyn D. McGuire, P.C. has handled a wide range of divorce and separation cases. She is well-prepared to handle whatever your case may involve, no matter if the split is amicable or fervently contested. Likewise, if you and your former partner have children, Marilyn will work tirelessly to better your chances of a favorable outcome regarding custody, visitation rights, and support payments.

Marilyn’s mission as a divorce lawyer is to give each client 100% of her attention and help them minimize stress during the proceedings. Learn more about what to expect from the legal process by scheduling an appointment today.